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            NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd






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            SuYang Company Passed Annual Audit of GB/T28001-2011

                  SuYang Company got GB/T28001-2011 in May of 2012, which is an occupational health and safety management system certification. Our Company strictly follows the requirements of the system to formalize our management. Due to the version change of GB/T28001-2011 in 2013, SuYang Company passed audit of new version of GB/T28001-2011 in April of 2013 through the efforts from the whole staff. SuYang Company keeps the qualification of the system via audit certification from Beijing HuaXia certification center.

            Welcome to visit our company or call us for more information!

            Address: No.771 Xuxi Road, Luhe District,Nanjing
            Tel: 025-57053481,025-57059767  Fax: 025-57053481-8004  Email: suyangceo@126.com   Website: www.therestoredrazor.com