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            NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd






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            Staff Care in High Temperature Season

                  The summer of 2013 is an unforgettable summer. There are nearly 40 days of high temperature in this summer. SuYang Company considered the safety work in high temperature so that we bought medicines such as rendan mini-pills and hexiangzhengqi liquid in case of accidents. We kept an eye on staff’s body condition. At the same time, considering the hardworking of stevedores, we bought hundreds kilos of watermelon to the work position. So our staff can quench their thirst.

                  As a company caring people, SuYang Company regards staff as company’s wealth. Only if we protect employees’ body safety, our staff can provide good service to customers and get recognized from customers. 


            NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd

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            Address: No.771 Xuxi Road, Luhe District,Nanjing
            Tel: 025-57053481,025-57059767  Fax: 025-57053481-8004  Email: suyangceo@126.com   Website: www.therestoredrazor.com